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(Added on 24/01/2015 pcg)

In the last assembly elections for Delhi, BJP got the maximum seats, AAP came second and Congress was distant third.

Basic reason for AAP getting so many seats at the cost of Congress was the way congress leaders handled rather mishandled the Anna agitation. Behavior of some of the leaders was so disgusting that it was quite evident that they will not win in the next elections at all. Almost whole of India was in favor of Anna’s movement. By their crooked behavior, congress was able to frizzle out the Anna’s movement but they could not win over the people as people were in favor of Anna.

Congress had played another trick. They nicknamed the Anna team as “B” team of BJP which Anna team refuted all along. So after the elections, AAP could not shake hands with the BJP to form the Government. Congress played still another trick. They offered unilaterally to support the AAP if they formed the Government, thereby putting the onus on AAP either to form the Government with congress support or go for fresh elections at high cost to the nation. AAP took their first wrong decision. They formed the Government with Congress help. Had they gone for reelection, there does not seem to be any doubt that they would have won with absolute majority.

This Government of AAP + Congress failed as it was bound to because AAP was in a hurry to do the things and Congress did not want to go beyond a certain point. Politics again had its way, elections were delayed for a long period, purpose seems to  wean away the public from AAP.

Now when the elections have been called, situation is murkier. BJP, since the general elections, is on a winning spree under the leadership of Sh. Narender Modi who has the image of an honest politician, who wants to take India higher and higher. On the other hand there are in fights in AAP leadership which seem to be due to the fact of loosing political opportunity. Some of the leaders associated with Anna movement and some associated with AAP have departed from AAP and have gone to BJP sensing BJP will win the Delhi Elections. This may come out true also. Till recently BJP was not all that sure of their win. Sensing that Delhi people still has lot of regard for the Anna Movement against corruption, they were successful in getting  Kiran Bedi with them to counter the image of Arvind Kejriwal. They knew that even Kiran Bedi will not be able to defeat Kejriwal directly, so they choose a safe seat for her instead of fielding her from the same seat as Kejriwal.

Today, the position is not very clear. To my mind there are still many people who would want a corruption free Government, they may make AAP to win. AAP should keep the focus on being anti corruption. AAP should not loose hope in any case. It will be good for India if AAP gets a chance to run Delhi. After all there are number of states where state is governed by a party different from the party at the Central Government. BJP already has got the Central Govt. and also many states, they should be magnanimous even if AAP comes to power in Delhi. Let us see what AAP is capable of achieving.