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Indian Politics and Elections

18/01/2016 pcg

It seems Indian Politics has touched its lowest. Political parties are just playing the blame game. Each party blames the other. If you hear the news discussions, you will find that each participant is only blaming others and nobody is ready to listen to any reason.

BJP had won the parliament elections and came to power with full majority. Congress party who lost the elections badly, does not let them do anything. BJP instead of finding ways and means to do what they intend to do, continue blaming the congress.

AAP party had won the elections in Delhi with full majority but BJP who lost the elections in Delhi very badly does not allow them to work as they want to work.

I think main cause is frequent elections. Some elections or the other are always imminent, thus political parties play the blame game to misguide the public.

Our illustrious Ex president Sh. A P J Kalam had suggested the solution. Which is “elections should be held every five years only and not in between for the states and centre at the same time”. I cannot think of a better solution. If it is adhered to, the government will be able to devote at least 4 years to working every five years, full time to achieve the goals set for the progress of the country.

Even now, I suggest, the governments should come out of the blame games and instead of talking about the wrong doings or misdoings of others, should talk about themselves only and devote full time to their own work.


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