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Imroved working systems Gurgaon


General Post Office Guragon

Day before yesterday my wife visited the General Post Office Gurgaon along with my son in connection with PPF deposits. She was pleasantly surprised to find the post office working to have been completely computrised. There were number of counters managed by efficient young persons most likely from some IT company. Every body coming for any work had to get a token issued and take his or her seat (Sufficient number of chairs are provided for that) and then wait for his or her token number to be flashed and go to the counter where in he/she was attended efficiently. Whole process took a very short time.

In contrast to this, earlier it used to take hours for any transaction to be conducted at the post office. It was a punishment if some body has to go to the office for speed post etc. for which some govt. departments insisted. It was almost impossible to be able to send a money order. It is more than a year we had stopped going to post office all togather as the the long ques and delays were unbearable.

There is always scope for improvement. Major flaw in our postal system is the number of post offices being very few. For any transaction in the post office one has to travel a long distance which no body likes. This has led to growth of courier serviceswhich are far more costlier and inefficient. The only good thing about them is that one does not need to travel far to locate a courier service. If the postal authorites engage people to open computerised terminals throughout the city on their behalf under some licensing system, they can get all the clientale they have lost in recent years.

Civil Hospital Gurgaon

Civil Hospital Gurgaon is now a respectable, neat and clean hospital. Earlier middle class people did not like to avoid going to the civil hospitals and will invariably go to private doctors/ hospitals. These days if any patient visits the civil hospital, he starts prefering the civil hospital over the private hospitals.Cleanliness has improved. Facilities have improved. Doctors are good. Working systems have improved. Only some times some doctors feel that all the facilities are basically for the persons known to them and not for the eneral public. But this also shall come to pass. Suggest when in need Civil Hospital Gurgaon should be tried.

Passport Office Gurgaon

Recently we had to visit the passport office Gurgaon in connection with renewal of our pass ports. There was a sea change in the system. We could complete all the formaties just in about one hour. There were no delays any where. System is completely computerised. Number of chairs are provided in case one has to wait for some time. Again it seems the persons managing the people and the system are from some IT company. Earlier one had to go to Delhi office. Which waws so crowded that people go and stand n queue starting at 8 am or even earlier. It used to take almost full day to visit them and it was not sure even then that the work will be done.

Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate

Some years back there was no proper system for issuing of marriage certificates and birth ceriticates etc. When marriage registration was made compulsory lots of malpractises were seen at the gurgaon office. People has to go thru advocates and pay lots of fees not only to the advocates but to the corrupt officials also. Now the system ha sbeen computerised and one can get the certificates in a reasonable time without being harrased.

P C Garg

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