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Hit and Run Case - Salman Khan

11/12/2015 pcg

It definitely is a case where it is the money power which has won. After all what is the money for, if itcan not serve the needs of the person having it. I have nothing against Salman. Punishing Salman would not have served any purpose. After all it was an accident. All the damages were unintentional.

One thing is sure. That it was Salman’s car which killed one and lamed some others. He being a samaritan and having the capacity,should compensate the victims generously, say with about 3 crores for the dead and 1 crore each for the injured.

However the Case is sad comment on our judiciary system. It took 13 long years even for Salman to establish that he is not guilty. One cannot find faults with the judgment. It is for the judge to interpret as to what is beyond reasonable doubt. Some people may interpret ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ as something which is ‘absolutely beyond doubt’ or which is “ beyond any doubt". Different judges will interpret the case differently. As is clear from the fact that the lower court judges had foundSalman guilty while the higher court judges found him not guilty.

I have a fake memory of a case of Jain brothers, where the diaries where in details of the bribes paid by them to variouspersons were kept, was not taken into account while deciding the case with the argument that these were not books of account, as if one is supposed to keep the record of bribes paid in his or her books of account.

Though the decision may be reverted by the Supreme Court if Govt. goes for an appeal, but no purpose shall be served by punishing or not punishing Salman. Only thing which can relieve the suffering and even alleviate the guilt feeling if any, is compensation by Salman to the victims.

P C Garg

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