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Sealing and Demolition of Unauthorised Buildings

(Added on 05/04/2008 pcg)

There is no limit to encroachments of public property. One may find it in any bazaar, any road or in any street. At many places almost 50% of the road is encroached upon. It is the Govt. administration who is directly responsible for removing these encroachments. But they will not do any thing. Instead will go to destroy the building of owner, who has built it in his own legal land with his hard earned money just because he could not get the plans duly sanctioned which may in any case be due to rampant corruption as known to exist in our land record and developement authority offices.

Instead of destroying the unauthorized buildings/ extensions built within one’s own land (unless a clear public safety hazard), priority of the govt. should be to clear the encroachment of public property.

Unauthorized building owners, instead of demolishing their buildings, may be suitably fined and taxed and corrective actions taken to discourage further unauthorized constructions.

Civil authorities should be directly held responsible for encroachments of public land as well as unauthorized constructions for their failure to take timely action.