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Voltas Split AC- Our Experience.

(Added on 27/08/2012 pcg)

In five years it failed every year and was out of service when it was most needed. Details below.

6 Mar 2008

Going by the good reputation of Tata’s, we procured a VOLTAS A/C 2.00 VER HW SPLIT VOLTAS I-818773, O-540663 at a price higher than the price at which other vendors like LG were selling their products. It was purchased from Dawar International Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon. Instalation and commissioning was done by the reprentatives of M/s Voltas. Two main defects were left at the time of instalation. One, the copper tubing fitted was not properly insulated. Two, drain pipe was fitted without clamps and the quality of the drain pipe was so bad that it did not last even one season.

Year 2009

On 30/07/2009 i.e. Next year itself, its compressor failed. Though it was replaced free under guarantee, We were charged Rs.2500.00 towards gas charging. Attended by their service agents M/s D.P. Air conditioning service, Gurgaon.

Year 2010

Split Ac has two units, Outside Unit and Inside Unit. Outside unit started malfunctioning. Its contactor was found defective and was replaced with a new one by M/s D.P. Air conditioning service, Gurgaon.

Year 2011

AC stopped working again. Again attended by D.P. Air conditioning service, Gurgaon on 12/08/2011. PCB of the Inside unit was found not functioning.They repaired and refitted the PCB. WE had to pay Rs. 1200/-.

Year 2012

June, 2012. The AC started malfunctioning again. If it is switched off by remote, Inside unit shuts down but Outside Unit i.e. compressor continues running, thus continued consuming power even when it was supposed to be comletely shut off. Complait lodged was some how sent to Yamuna nagar service agent. After repeated chasing with Gurgaon service center, their service engineer from sec 5 Gurgaon attended and reported that the PCB was malfunctioning and needs replacement.

By this time We were completely fed up with the repeated failure of the AC every year. Not only we had to pay heavy amounts for the repairs to their service agents repeatedly, the AC was not available for the failur periods when it was most needed. This time We were not ready to pay for the PCB which was failing repeatedly.The service agents refused to repair/replace the PCB unless paid for the cost of the PCB.

The problem was brought to the notice of their Northern Region Head thru emails repeatedly. He even instructed their Delhi region head twice to get the repairs done, but no body attended the AC. It continues in that state since beginning of June 2012 till date.

Incidently Another split AC (LG make) procured one year before this Voltas AC has not given any trouble to us till date.

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