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Birth Certificate

Generally birth certificate is required as proof of date of birth for securing admission to a school apart from many other needs through out the life..

For getting the birth certificate, the birth of your child must be registered with the Registrar of Birth and Death. Generally registrar of births and deaths is an official in the municipal committee/ Panchayat. In Gurgaon his office is in Town Hall, near civil hospital.You have to apply to the Registrar of your area.

To get the birth and death registered is a legal requirement also. All hospitals, where the mother delivers the child, are responsible to register the birth of the child with the registrar of birth within 15 days of birth. Even the housewife who delivers the child in villages has to register the birth.

System for issuing the birth certificate in Gurgaon is very efficient and simple. One has to submit an application with the Registrar of Birth and Death, Gurgaon in a simple format, copy of which is pasted out side his office for information of all. You have to know the name of father, mother and grandfather of the child, his date of birth and hospital where born and address of parents to fill in the application. If you have a paper and pen, you can even copy the format from the form pasted there and submit the application there and then.

Some agents also sit outside the office who can prepare the application for you there and then on charge of a nominal fee.

To download the application form click here.

Care should be taken to fill in the form as follows:
1. All details should be filled clearly so that there is no confusion while reading the same.
2. In place of birth, name of the hospital etc.should be filled along with name of the place.
3. Address should be given complete.
4. Form should be filled in English in case certificate is required in English, it should be filled in Hindi in case the certificate is required in Hindi. This is necessary to eliminate the chances of wrong spellings.
5. Separate applications should be submitted for getting the certificate in English or Hindi.
6. Number of copies of the certficate required may be filled at the space provided for it.

A nominal fee of Rs. 12 (More for additional copies) is required to be deposited along with the application. You are given a receipt for the same bearing a date (normaly a week or 10 days after the date of receipt of application) after which you can collect the certificate on production of the receipt from the same window where you submitted the application. Best thing is the Asst Registrar posted is very efficient and cooperative. If they want to make it more efficient, they have the system and can make the certificate available there and then within one hour.

In case birth of the child is still not registered there, you can get a form from the same window, fill it up and submit for registration of birth. After that you can get the birth certificate.

It is suggested that parents should apply for the birth certificate of their child, in about a month from the date of birth so that in case due to any reason whatsoever if the birth of the child is not registered with the registrar, corrective action may be taken accordingly.

1. The birth certificate issued does not bear the name of the child.
2. To get a certificate bearing the name of the child, you have to apply again along with an affidavit on Rs. 10 Stamp paper regarding naming of your child, duly notorised. Along with the application a copy of the birth certificate issued without name has also to be enclosed.

To download the application format for issue of birth certificate in name of child click here.

To download the format for affidavit to be submitted click here.