Data Analytics, Machine Learning & IoT:

In order to be in-line with current market trends, we have a core group of experts with knowledge in the latest niche areas, like Data Analytics, ML and IoT. Below is the holistic view of our competencies:

Data Analytics:-

We have End to End expertise in Data Analytics, right from Extraction, Transformation, followed by Loading and Reporting.

- Business Intelligence

- Advanced Data Analytics

- Data Visualization: Tableau, Cognito

Machine Learning:

Our ML expertise spans across variety of Deep learning frameworks, like:

- Tensorflow

- Caffe

- Theano

- Torch

Our Implementation Approach:

We ensure the approach is such that we keep training the data and ensure we are getting results with more accuracy with time:


We help customers to select the most suitable IoT solution, followed by its implementation. Broad level implementation architecture is shown below:

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