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Driving License

by pcg

First Driving License

You need to get a learners license first.

Learners License

For that you have to go to the regional transport authority of the area where you live. For Gurgaon, the office is located in the mini secteriate near Rajiv Chowk towards old Gurgaon on Sohna Gurgaon Road.
1. You have to fill a form which is available there at a nominal cost.
2. Medical certificate shall be required. Doctor is available there for the medical.
3. You will need two passport size photos of yours which you may carry.
4. For proof of residence two documents shall be required which may be any of ration card, voter card, passport, Electric bill, Gas connection bill etc.
5. Proof of age shall be required which may be your matriculation certificate, birth certificate etc.
6. Fee has to be paid.
7. One has to go personally for getting the license. It may be issued the same day.

For Regular License

Rules for getting a regular license for private purposes and for Commercial purposes are different.
For private license, once you have learned driving and feel confident, you may visit the RTO office in about one to three months from issue of learners license (I will suggest you not to take any chances, if you do not know driving do not even try to get the license, not because you will be refused the license but because it is dangerous to drive unless you have learned it properly). You will have to fill the forms again and will need all the documents you produced at the time of getting learners license. You may be subjected to driving test and road signs test before being declared fit for issue of driving license. You need to take your own vehicle for the driving test. All the vehicle documents including the valid pollution control certificate must be carried. Driving test is generally quite simple. But just not to give a chance to the motor vehicle inspector to fail you and thus call you again, you must prepare yourself well for the driving test especially to back the vehicle and to park it, use of hand brakes at parking etc. Control the steering properly, keep the speed under control, and use the indicators and horn at the required time and location and take care of speed. You must familiarize yourself well with the road signs. List of road signs is at List of Road Signs . Alternatively you may carry the certificate from a govt. recogonised school of driving as proof of having learned driving there and being competent to drive. List of such schools in Gurgaon is at List of Driving schools gurgaon (some one may provide the list to display please).
Driving licenses are valid for a specific number of years only

For Commercial License.

You will to undergo the medical test apart from a certificate from a reputed driving school to the effect having been trained and attained the required proficiency.

For renewal of driving License

In case your earlier Licence is issued by some office other than from where you are getting it renewed, they will need an NOC from that office. For that you take one postal registration envelope, your application on plane paper addressed to the RTO from where you want to get it renewed, copy of your driving licence, proof of residence and pay the requisite fee. Make acopy of your application which shall act as a proof of your submission. Bring it with you when you come after 35-40 days for applying for renewal. They will right to the previous licence issuing authority themselves. If no intimation is received within one month of wiriting this letter it is assumed they have no objection for renewal of the licence.
In this case you will have to go again after say 35-40 days and apply for renewal of driving licence in proper form sold there itself on payment of nominal fee. They shall check their computer record for NOC and process your application if nothing adverse has been received. You will have to get the medical certificate for which a doctor sits there itself on payment of a normal fee, then you pay for the renewal of driving licence, get yourself photographed and hand over the file along with receipts, proof of residence, application form, doctors certificate etc. to the concerned clerk there itself.You are not likely to be subjected to driving test. You will be given a receipt for collection of your renewed driving licence after about a week. All the works get done in a serial order and the whole exercise may take about 4 hrs. or less on each day.

In case your earlier licence was issued from the same office, you only need to apply on the prescribed form available there, attach copy of your earlier licence, attach address proof, get yourself photographed, get the medical done there itself, pay the requisite fees, submit the file and you will get a receipt for collection of your renewed licence after about a week.

Note: Always take with you two photographs of yourself say 35 x 35 mm, copies of two proofs of residence e.g. gas connection and electric bill etc. (both documents must bear the same address) , copy of proof of identiy, copy of your existing licence with you along with the originals. Those may be required at any time there. Do not forget to take a pen and two blank pages with you.