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Railway Reservation on net

If you go to any station, booking office/ reservation office, you will always find long queues of persons waiting for their turn endlessly, occupying the costly space at the stations and reservation offices, engaging number of babus issuing tickets and managing the set up. Since my school days some 50 years ago I have been thinking that some day railways will take some action to eliminate these queues.

Recently Railways has taken a positive step and started reservation thru net at irctc site wherein e-tickets can be booked on net, payment can be made thru bank accounts with some of the popular banks or thru credit card. Tickets can be printed at the same time. Thus avoids all the hassles of going to the station, avoids all the rush at the stations/reservation offices there bye saving the costly space and man power to run the same. Only additional requirement is some photo identity card with one of the passengers booked for reservation which is necessary to establish the identity of the ticket holder and also to check against bookings by touts in sundry names.

But strangely they have levied an extra fee for booking thru irctc, so that one is tempted to go thru the gruel of purchasing the tickets at the reservation office itself.

If following actions are taken booking office crowds can be largely contained.

    1. Instead of charging a fee for booking thru IRCTC, they should give a rebate on the same.

    2. Restrictions put on the number of tickets one can book in a month should be done away with. It does not serve any purpose.

     3. Presently site is too slow to respond. Railways should take the help of computer experts to increase the speed for booking thru irctc.

    4. Restrictions such as pre registration with irctc for booking a ticket should not be a must. As the payment is received by the railways immediately before the ticket is actually booked, pre registration is not required at all.

Man of the masses Lalu Prasad may like to act. Railway officers will not act on their own.

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