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Marriage Certificate:

07/09/2010, Revised on 04/10/2010

1. Haryana Compulsory Registration of Marriage ACT, 2008:

(i) Rules for marriage registration have since changed for the last about two years. Haryana Govt. has passed Haryana Compulsory Registration of Marriage ACT, 2008. This Act came into force on 16 July 2008. Vide this act all marriages, irrespective of religion or caste, ceremonised after the date Act came into force, has to be duly registered within a definite period just like birth and death cases, though marriages not registered are not invalid. Fines upto Rs.500/- may be imposed for late registration apart from higher fees. Marriage under normal circumstances is supposed to be registered within 90 days of solemnization.

(ii)As per the ACT, there is a chief registrar of marriages. There are District registrars of marriages. Also there are registrars of marriages, more than one in Gurgaon. Municipal corporation Gurgaon has been divided into four Zones, North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone, Mainly dividing by NH8 and the road crossing it at RajiV Chowk. Each Zone is headed by a Joint Commssioner who also acts as the marriage registrar for that zone. Marriage registrar for North Zone is Joint Commissioner 1, Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon, who sits in the town hall, opposite Civil Hospital Gurgaon.
Areas covered under each Zone may be seen at                         Municipal Corporation Zones
You can now even apply for marriage registration online at      Apply for Marriage certificate on line

2. Competent Authority to register the marriage and issue the marriage certificate:

Registrar of marriages is the competent authority to register a marriage which is either solemnized in his jurisdiction, or if one of the bride or bridegroom lives in his jurisdiction at the time of marriage and to issue the marriage certificate for that.

However in case of marriages solemnized after 16 July 2008:

(i) but applied for registration after 90 days to 365 days of solemnization, permission of the Distict Registrar/SDM shall also be required

(ii) and for marriages applied for registration after 365 days of solemnization, permission from Chandigarh HQ (Chief Registrar) shall be required

(iii) In all other cases, i.e. for marriages solemnizes before 16th July 2008 or solemnized after 16th July 2008 but applied for registration within 90 days, Registrar of marriages does not need permission of any higher authority to register the marriage.

3.Fee for registration of a marriage

(i) within 90 days of solemnization is Rs. 100/- only.

(ii)Fee for registration of a marriage beyond 90 days upto 365 days of solemnization is Rs. 150/-

(iii)Fee for registration of a marriage beyond 365 days of solemnization is Rs. 200/-

5. Documents required are

(i) Application for marriage registration in Form 1, available from dist court fee Rs.10/-.

(ii) 6 Affidavits, one each from bride, bridegroom, Two each from either side(bride and groom) out of Father/Mother/Relative/friend (blood relations prefered)

Note: Affidavits has to be attested by Executive Magistrate. Address in affidavits has to be the same as in Photo IDs. All six persons shall be required to appear before the registrar of marriages or his representative personally.

(iii) One passport size photo of all six above.

(iv) Photo ID card of all six above.

(v) Valid residence proof of all six.(Any of Ration Card, BPL card, Voter Card, Passport, Driving Licence, domicile certificate)

(vi) 4 recent simple photos of the couple, size 3"X2". This photo shall be pasted on the marriage certificate.Should not be the marriage ceremony photo.

(vii) 3 card size photos of the marriage ceremony say jaimala photo, Phere Photo, Photo of bride and groom on stage etc.

(viii) Fee receipt as per para 3 above. Challan code 0070-0180099-51

(ix) Age proof of bride and bridegroom.

(x) Wedding Card

Note: 1. All photocopies should be attested by a Gazzetted Officer/ notary. Perhaps two copies of each are required.
2. Marriage Registration Certificate, in Form IV 3 (3)d, shall be provided by the registrar.

6. Submission of application

Marriage Registrar cum joint commissioner, Municipal Corporation Gurgaon has fixed up 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM of Tuesdays and Thursdays to accept the applications. It is suggested that a person visits the office of the registrar to confirm the jurisdiction, sufficiency of the documents etc. and then all six persons may visit on the day fixed.

7. Lack of Information provided by Haryana Govt.

I could neither find the names and addresses of Chief Registrar, district registrar and registrar of marriages of Haryana, nor the procedure and documents required for registration on any web site of Haryana Govt. Hope Haryana Govt. will do the need full to provide the detailed information on its site soon otherwise it sure is a cause for rampant corruption.


Marriage Certificate for my son and daughter in law was required by the bank for change of name of my daughter in law consequent to her marriage, it was also required by office of my son for inclusion of her name in his dependents and also by the medical insurance company. We reside in Gurgaon. I searched the net but could neither find the procedure for getting the same nor the authority supposed to issue the certificate, finally got hold of an advocate in the district courts to get the certificate who helped with the whole procedure. Although full official requirements for getting the certificate were met genuinely, I had to shed Rs. 2000/- extra in the process. These days they are asking for Rs.4000/-

So here is how you can get it without spending the extra Rs.4000/-.

1. Competent Authority to issue the certificate:

Marriage certificate shall be issued by the competent authority i.e. Registrar of marriages of the district where the bridegroom is resident of, or the bride is resident of or where the marriage has been held. In Gurgaon the competent authority is Tehsildar (Mind it, you may not find any board anywhere in the mini secretariate indicating the office of Registrar of marriages). His office is in the Mini Secretariate near Rajiv Chowk on Sohna- Gurgaon Road, just off the Delhi Jaipur Highway (N.H.8) towards old Gurgaon.

2. Application for issue of certificate:

You may not find anywhere in the office of registrar of marriages the format for the application to be submitted for getting the marriage certificate issued. But you do need to apply in a particular format so that all the required information for registration of marriage and issuing of the certificate is met. You have to submit

1. The application.

 To down load application format click here   

2. Four affidavits on stamp paper of Rs. ten each. Affidavits are required from

i)   the bridegroom  Click here to get format

ii) bride      Click here to get format

iii) two from near relatives one from each family (preferably father/ brother/ mother/ sister ). Whosoever signs the affidavits will have to appear before the registrar of marriages.

Click here to get format for relative of groom

Click here to get format for relative bride .


3. Apart from above two copies each of Schedule C and Schedule D are also required to be filled. One copy of each of schedule C and Schedule D shall be returned duly signed and stamped as a certificate. Preferably you may buy four number of stamp papers of Rs. Ten each in the name of the persons who are to sign the affidavits and visit any of the document writers sitting at Old Panchayat House who will prepare the complete documents for say Rs.130/- only. One such document writer is M/s Prime Concern, Shop No.42, Panchyat Bhawan. It is about 500 meters from mini secretariate towards Gurgaon on Gurgaon- Sohna Road itself.

 Click here for format schedule C

 Click here for format schedule D

 4. You will need two copies of challans also for depositing the fee which presently is Rs. 50/- only. Challan forms are available from his adjacent shop.

3. Documents required:

Following documents shall be required in original to prove the marriage and for its registration. Copies of these duly attested by a notary has to be submitted along with the application.
i) Marriage invitation card.
ii) Marriage photos say jaimala photo, Phere Photo, Photo of bride and groom on stage etc.
iii) Proof of residence.
iv) Proof of age of bride and groom.
v) At Gurgaon, they insist for Ration card of groom's family for issuing marriage certificate although ration card is not necessary for one to get married.

4.Submission of application.

All the above forms and documents shall be submitted in the office of the Registrar of marriages (Room No. 124 in Gurgaon Mini Secteriate) and a fee of Rs.50/- shall be paid after the challans are approved by them. The bride, groom and the witnesses has to appear before the registrar of marriages on the date given before issue of the marriage certificate which is nothing but a certificate certifying that marriage of so and so has been registered at sr. no. so and so of the register of marriages maintained by registrar of marriages. It does not carry even the photographs of the bride and groom and is actually one of the forms you fill up along with the application which is returned duly stamped and signed. You may like to get it laminated to preserve it. In fact there shall be two copies of the certificate say one for the bride and one for the groom i.e. copy of Schedule "C" and Schedule "D".

5. If everything goes fine you may get the certificate even in two days.