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Ration Card

It is an important document for proof of residence apart from the original purpose of distribution of food items thru PDS for which it was started. When I needed it at Gurgaon, I could not find the source who issues the same. Some how I guessed that the district authorities must have some thing to do with it. So went to mini secteriate Gurgaon, located the District Food and Supplies Office and came to know that the Ration Cards are issued by Asst Food and Supplies Officer of the city concerned thru out India. At Gurgaon his office is located in a bye lane behind Basai Road just a little distance away from the Temple. You have to ask for directions even if you know the address. Ration card is actually signed by the concerned inspector of your area who sits in the office of Asst Food and Supplies Officer.

During my visits to the office, I could never find the Asst. Food & Supplies Officer present. However you may find two babus present, who may tell you the procedure for getting the new ration card, duplicate ration card, addition of a member in the ration card, deletion of a member in the ration card etc. For all these purposes form is required to be filled. Form is sold by them for a small sum. It has to be filled by the head of the family.

You have to fill the names of all the family members, their age on the date of application and relationship with the head of the family.

You have to fill the address of your residence.

You also have to fill in the gas connection number in case you have the gas connection.

You need to have two group photographs of the family (individual photos are not acceptable), one has to be attached with the application, other shall be pasted on the ration card issued.

You have to carry the old ration card if any already issued for addition/deletion of members or surrender of ration card and getting a certificate in lieu of that, it will be required to get a new ration card at the new place of your residence. For issue of duplicate ration card, you have to carry its photocopy or at least number and date of its issue.

For addition of members, the surrender certificate in favour of the members to be included is required from the previous place. In case of addition of a new born child, his birth certificate shall be required.

Even if you carry all these documents with you, you may be asked to come on a specific day of the week to submit your application. No one may be ready in the office to locate the file of your ration card for the changes required to be made or for issue of duplicate certificate. Concerned officer may not be available at all in the office whenever you visit office. The whole staff may act in such a way as if they are doing favors to you instead of doing their job. You must keep patience for all that. Finally your work will be done. In case you do not have a ration card or even the surrender certificate, I do not know whether they will make the new ration card at all. But I understand if you submit an affidavit to the fact that your name had never been included in any ration card so far, it may make them issue you a new ration card.

Concerned inspector may visit your residence for verification of your application before issue of the ration card thou normally he does not visit.