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Agitation by Jats for reservations for themselves

Earlier Gujjars from Rajasthan, now Jats from UP, Haryana and Rajasthan, are on a war path to get benefit of reservations for their caste. Stop trains, stop water supply, block roads, do not allow movement of the essential commodities to delhi. Force the Govt. to accept your demand. That is the mantra. After all govts need your vote. They can not oppose you.

What are castes

Every person finds it easy to follow the profession of his parents than shifting to some other business. A carpenter's son is a carpenter, a blacksmith's son is a blacksmith, a dhobi's son is a dhobi, a doctors son is a doctor, an engineers son is an engineer, a politicians son is a policitician, an actors son is an actor, an artists's son is an artist, a businessman's son is a businessman, a shopkeepr's son is a shopkeeper,a farmer's son is a farmer and so on. No body is forcing them to follow the occupation of their parents. But it is their own choice. They find it easier and are perhaps more equipped for success in their parental business. Only few break away from the occupation of their parents. People also find it comfotable to deal with persons of their own profession. Hence marriages etc. within their own professions.

That is how the castes take birth. In my childhood days I never thought Dhobi and Carpenter to be a caste. These were just the professions. But now these are recogonised castes. Other castes will continue to come up.

Over the years some professions become more prosperous and respectable than the others, hence the higher and lower castes.

Castes in Free India

In free India, there is absolutely no ban on any body following any profession. No body need to stuck with his parental business if he does not like it. To breakaway from the parental business, one may have to acquire difficult skills, higher knowledge etc. But then that is required for douing anything. Some body studying engineering, medicalor MBA has to spend lacks and lacks of their parents money, may have to take high amount of loans, It may take years just to repay those loans. It is a great risk. They may not be able even to earn as much as they have to spend. Then it is for all. Every body has to take his own decision.

Then why this discrimination on caste basis. If at all, reservations or subsidies or scholarships etc may be given to all those who are below a certain poverty level, irrespective of caste.

Even if we suppose that higher caste people had committed atrocites against lower caste people, is it o.k. to hang a son or a grandson for the crime committed by his father or grand father. India is free for the last 64 years. and even before govts. has never discriminated on the caste basis. Every Indian has equal rights. Why should this discrination be continued?

Politics of Castes

Thanks to politicians like honourable Sh. V.P.Singh and Respectable Sh. Arjun Singh, and to congress party for putting forward such leaders and the opposition parties like BJP as none of them raise any opposition to this issue. India will continue to face a demand for reservations from some caste or other every now and then. In the politics of votes, none dares to take away the benefits once given to a particular caste.

Sacrifices of dozens of students who gave their lives by self immolating against the V.P.Singh Govt's decision, have gone vane. Govt atrociously even declared them insane and weak in mind.

Solution or face consequences

The matter was rightly taken up some years back by the students of AIIMS Delhi. Movement was strong enough and could have led the Govt. to take the right decision of abolition of all reservations on caste basis but the courts interfered.

Only students are likely to take up the call.Or may be Media or Supreme Court may also take the call. India will have to abolish the reservations on caste basis or face the consequence of abolishing itself someday.

Poison of caste basis politics in India has to be drunk like Shiva by some one some day sooner than later otherwise the country is sure to disintegrate. The Govt. or political party that takes up the issue will not be a looser but will be a clear winner. Reason, Indians by nature are just. They like the persons who are just. Jats are asking for reservations, because some other castes are being given reservation. With the land prices touching the sky, they know they are better off than many other castes. Gujjars ask for reservation because other castes were being given reservations. If no reservations are allowed on caste basis, people may not even ask for the same.


Reservations on caste basis are a great political farce. It only takes the country towards divisive politics. It is injustice towards the weaker section of other castes.

Reservations, if any should be only on economic basis only and not caste basis. This will give everybody a fair chance. Even in this the basic promise is that poor need to be helped which remains to be a just cause and no body may grudge the same. Just because some castes are in majority or minority does not mean that they should be discriminated against or given benefits denied to others.


Send V.P.Singh and Arjun Singh to Gujjars in Rajasthan. They will increase the qouta for ST reservations to include the Gujjars without harming the interest of other STs. Then wait till some other caste picks up the call for inclusion in reservation quota.

It is high time we abolish all caste based reservations and treat all citizens equal. Lincoln abolished slavery in USA. Lots of people were against it. He even had to loose his life for that. But at the end no body can find fault in his act.

Poison of caste basis politics in India has to be drunk like Shiva by some one some day sooner than later otherwise the country is sure to disintegrate.